Hey, Im Shannon!

Im your typical late 20s Canadian girl, making the world a little brighter. Born and raised in the suburbs of Vancouver Canada, I grew up like any other Vancouverite. I was always active as a child, with my younger years consisting of soccer games, karate lessons and cheerleading. I was fortunate enough to grow up in the same community throughout my adolescence years and had the opportunity to attend Simon Fraser University. Once graduating with a degree in Criminology, I decided to take a complete 180 turn and take some time off school. It was there that I went traveling across the world to Thailand, and I was forever changed when I returned home. Long story short, I began working at lululemon and fell in love with the yogi way of life. I became a certified Yoga Instructor in 2015 and continued to take the entrepreneurial route- coaching people through health and fitness, creating a travel business, teaching at oxygen studios in the lower mainland, and now, BLOGGING!

When Im not coaching my clients, traveling to new places, or creating content; you can find me at a Browns Restaurant having a double socal palmer (seriously best drink! if you havent tried one, go taste it!), dancing downtown with my best buds at Cabana Night Club, cuddling with my kitties (AKA my KIDS… serious crazy cat lady) Pablo and Cam, or road tripping to a yoga festival! Woop Woop!

Still curious? Since we are friends now, heres some more juiciness:

    1. I have 3 wonderful, cute ass nephews. Yes, I love my nephews, but no kids for this girl. And NOPE, I’m not going to change my mind despite how many people tell me I will.
    2. I eat spoonfuls of peanut butter all. the. time.
    3. I did not own a pair of lululemon pants until I started working there. Now, its my whole wardrobe and its a serious problem (I need business woman clothes).
    4. I have a super basic white girl addiction to Starbucks… its bad and needs to stop. I’m usually drinking a Venti Cool Lime Refresher, sub green tea, easy ice, no lime- with my reusable cup! (Again, try that drink, its the bees knees).
    5. Vampire Diaries was the best show on TV before they killed Elena off and her and Ian Somerhalder broke up in real life. (Still devastated over that breakup LOL). Pretty Little Liars takes a very close second.
    6. I suck at dancing and people laugh at my mad skills but that doesn’t stop me from dancing anywhere I hear a beat.
    7. My favourite fruit is the blueberry! Only when they are in season though! I will eat 4 lbs in one sitting! No joke. Its bad, I can’t stop.
    8. I’m a Gemini, so I basically have two personalities. Things get interesting.
    9. My favourite place I have traveled to so far has been Maui, Hawaii. I would move there in a heartbeat… don’t know whats stopping me actually.
    10. My life motto- Rather have my life full of OH WELLS then WHAT IFS?- So do the shit that scares you, fall on your face, live your life! We get one, don’t live in regret.

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