Katrina E. Lawrence: Looking For The Light In The Darkness

Episode 15: HEYOOO! Happy April and HAPPY HUMP DAY! Crazy how we are already 4 months into 2019, and on the 15th episode of this podcast! This is FUN! I hope you are enjoying it as much as me! Today, we got a kick ass woman on the pod- Katrina E. Lawrence! Funny story, we have never met in person! I just instagram stocked her (hehe). She lives in the United Kingdom and has the most beautiful accent! So dreamy! Katrina (like myself) is going through a new journey and discovery- a life without alcohol. She shares her story today and encourages anyone struggling or wanted questions answered to reach out. Don’t be shy. 🙂 Namaste Bitches

Connect with Katrina HERE

NA and AA Info HERE

Connect with the Queen HERE

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