Solo Episode: My Take Aways From The Tony Robbin’s Event UPW

Episode 13:

Happy Humpday my loves! I am back from a week in LA, California and I feel amazing! I wanted to share my weekend with you and what I learned from the Tony Robbins Event:Unleash The Power Within! Now, I have done my fair share of seminars, I “drink the koolaid” so to speak- but there was always something missing that didn’t keep me in the game. Have you ever been there? Have you ever been so frustrated with yourself; you know what to do and the actions steps to take you there, but you don’t do it? Yep, that was me. Thank god for this weekend.

In this episode, I will tell you my main take aways from this weekend, and what made it different (and better) then other seminars I have been to in the past. I can’t tell you EVERYTHING, because it would take the 3.5 days I was there to relay it back. These are just tools that made the difference for me (after attending 10+ seminars never having heard what I will share with you on this episode). I hope you enjoy! And, I hope you make it to one of this events- it is a thousand, million percent, worth it.  <3 I love you!

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