The Journeymen Rob & Gary: Attuning To The Universal Mind

Episode 12:

This weeks episode is an eye opening one! We talk with Rob and Gary, also known as the Journeymen who are local shaman’s! This interview is unconventional but I love it! We chat about magic mushrooms, (yep, we go there), and how plant medicine can be a tool to help aid you in the discovery of self! They combine each of their unique gifts into their life work that helps people connect back into their imaginal realm and the natural world so that they increase their level of awareness to have optimal performance. Robert and Gary assist people in the collective awakening process and help people explore the inner landscape of Self so they can conquer their limiting beliefs connected to fear and come through to the other side of having a baseline consciousness congruent with love, peace, happiness, prosperity and abundance. As local Vancouverites, I am so excited to share their story with you guys! Hope you like it! 

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