Ashley Levii: Growing Love, Finding Balance, and Levelling Up

Episode 10:

Happy Humpday loves! I am in love with this weeks episode and its guests- Ashley and Derya! Ashley is a yoga teacher in Vancouver BC, Canada, and the creator of Aquae Mudra and Shackles Co. Aquae Mudra is empowering people to grow love and find balance, one experience at a time. They focus on retreats and I can’t wait for you guys to learn more about it! Shackles is a local jewellery line, hand made of gemstones and precious medal- so, this girl is bussssy! AND FULL OF LOVE! I can’t wait for you to meet her! Derya is Ashley’s “Earth Angel”, and her right hand girl, who is also the new manager of the Oxygen Yaletown location! We chat energy, retreats, life lessons and learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Connect with Ashley 3 different ways!

Ashley Levii Instagram

Aquae Mudra

Shackles Co

Connect with Derya HERE

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