Lacey Lee Elliott: Brain Tumours, Overcoming Adversity & Living Life On Your Own Terms

Episode 3:

Hiiii Everyone! Today’s episode is an inspiring one! Before I get into it, I want to let you know I had a HELLA time trying to upload this podcast for you. I had it edited, with the intro, edited the speaking a bit, and for some reason, my webpage would not let me upload it. I even edited 3 different projects. And NOPE- so you guys are getting the raw, unedited version because I didn’t want to leave you with NO EPISODE! That’s not happening, the show must go on. LOL! Please bare with my new-ness in this new podcast avenue! It can only get better right? Thanks guys!

ANYWAYS, we gots a treat for you! My good friend, Lacey shares her story; I am hoping some of you can relate. She has worn many hats; an automative journalist with TV appearances on Driving Television, a fitness competitor and trainer, and now a blogger living in an RV traveling North America. Whether you have been cheated on, had to start over, or had a health scare, there is something to take away from today’s episode.

PS- I didn’t mention it in this episode, but if you want a chance to win $50, please write a review for this podcast, screen shot it, and send it to [email protected] At the end of the month, I will draw a name and the winner will be $50 richer! Thank you to all who have already done so! xo

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