Intro to The Wild Soul Podcast with Queen Namaste

Hey GUYS! The news is out! This is what I have been working on- a Podcast! Woot Woot! Welcome to The Wild Soul Podcast! A place for all the wild, crazy souls of the earth to come connect and discuss what’s on our mind. My name is Shannon Peters, but I call myself Queen Namaste because I like to think I’m cool- LOL! I am a yoga instructor, blogger, and now, a podcaster! This is a podcast for the people who identify themselves as wild; who dance to the beat of their own drum, way off the beaten path (with the occasional trip back to reality). Starting January 2019, you will find a mix of audio entertainment including interviews with local leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers and the occasional crazy person. This is just the teaser episode, with new episodes coming to you every hump-day, (that’s Wednesday for you less wild folk). Join me in being unapologetic, searching for life’s hidden gems and finding our path!

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