“It’s Christmas Timeeeeee” (cue that weird christmas song.. don’t know the name… points for you if you know what song I am trying to portray right now LOL)  Sorry- I don’t know why I started my blog with that… I am such a grinch;I could give two shits about Christmas! I guess because I am posting on December 1st so it felt a little fitting! LOL… ANYWAYS… HI IM BACK! Where did I go? Clearly not on my blog since I  haven’t posted in over a month! Dammmmmn! Sorry, not sorry guys! Hopefully if you are reading this right now, that means the email subscription is back up and running (it should be- but of course me and technology have a love/hate relationship… so I hope this came into your inbox).

Ok, lets get right into it! QUICK UPDATES: What’s been going on since I last wrote all about my sweet little baby Pablo. In case you all were wondering, he hasn’t come back. Breaks my heart, but also, there have been some events in my life recently where I think this is all playing out for a reason. Ok, so this might get a little weird, but I am going to share it with you anyways 😛


So, Pablo goes missing and he never returns. I am devastated. I start questioning why I am so devastated about it, and why I love this cat so much. He was a shit head and sometimes really annoying, but he was cute and I loved him.  Then, I start to think about other animals and how cute they are as well, and how I could really care for lots of animals (side note, I have always wanted a pet pig ever since I watched the movie Charlottes web- cried for hours when I was little watching it for the first time).  Then I started thinking about pigs because they are cute too, and then I started comparing Pablo to pigs ( I know, my mind is random and this is where it goes sometimes). I thought to myself “Hmm ,I could never eat Pablo, that would be messed up”, but yet here I am, eating bacon like it ain’t no thang. And just like that, I had that “A HA” moment. What makes Pablo’s life more important then a cute little pigs life? Or a chickens? Or a cow, sheep, lamb, whatever the fuck we have been conditioned to eat since we were little?  Short answer is nothing, obvs. They are all animals of the earth, that deserve life, just like us. Could I justify eating Pablo? Hell no.. so how could I justify ending another animals life simply for my taste buds? I felt hypocritical.

Long story short, I had been feeling a little grossed out by meat for the past few months. Steve would buy chicken and I would just see it sitting in the fridge and it would gross me out. There was no real explanation, because I had always eaten it. So, I had intentionally eating less meat for the past few months- then once Pablo disappeared, it went full force! I am wondering if that was the plan all along?  I have changed my diet to full vegan since November 10th ( Steve and I are doing a 22 day vegan challenge) , and I am honestly loving it! I am juicing, I am making my own meals, and I feel great. I also feel like I am helping the planet and the animals. Maybe I will post a blog sometime soon going into more deets about my vegan experience (because this blog was meant for just a quick little update), but for now, if you guys want a more detailed reason as to why I decided to never eat meat again, you can go to youtube.


Dream, Dream, Dream.

ALSO…Have you guys felt the consciousness shift? I know globally it is happening… I can feel it. Listen to your intuition, slow down, read between the lines. Ok, so this is where I might lose you because I sound a little crazy. But I have been having vivid dreams, and some of my dreams have given me clarity and have sorta told the future… yeah I know super weird- I won’t tell all of them because we will be here all day, and they also involve other people so not sure if they would want me to share. I’ll share the one about Pablo- I was playing with him in my dream and it felt so warm and fuzzy. Then I thought,”oh no, this is just a dream, you are not here!”. Pablo never spoke to me, but he said ” yep, I am here right now, but I am not here with you at home”. He then shows me he was eaten by a coyote they day he went missing and that he is fine. He turned into a human with a painted face- he looked like one of my halloween costumes from a few years back ( a day of the dead sugar skull).

Ok right, super random? It continues- so we took a picture together, dressed up like day of the dead, and then I said “Bye Pablo I  love you”! and woke up. LOL WERID right? Again, long story short, my landlord the next day tells me that he didn’t want to say anything, but he heard a fight the day Pablo went missing. He ran outside but couldn’t see anything… okurrr. First, thanks dick head for telling me now, when you could have told me a month ago and save me from looking all over the place, but whatever. THEN!!! THEN….I went on facebook and scrolled through pictures,  (I can’t remember what I was doing it for) and came across a picture of me, on halloween in that costume as day of the dead. The next picture beside that one?? Yep, it  was PABLO as a little kitten when he was first born!!! WOAH RIGHT? Or is that stupid? I am taking it as a fucking sign yo! him dressing up as a human looking like me, the same time when he was born?  Pretty sure Pablo’s little angel came to me to tell me that in my dream so I would have closure. Do I sound crazy? Maybe I am LOL!

Going Traveling!

Have you experienced weird shifts lately? I would be so curious to know! Speaking of shifts, it is the last month of 2018… woah woah WOW! This year man, just zoomed by! Lots of slowing down for me, and really listening to my intuition and what I really want. Ditching alcohol, trying new diets, getting focused on my health- and OH YA- committing to going to BALI next May! Yeahhhh, update- taking some more teacher training in Bali with BLISSOLOGY! I am so freaking pumped about it! I have been wanting to train with Eoin Finn for a few years now, and last year I saw a couple of my fellow yogis there and I said, “GOSH DARN IT” (not really, more like fuck sakes)- I could  have been there too. So yea, enough with the somedays- just freaking DO IT! So, the training is from May1-31st, and I will probably stay longer for my birthday! Woop Woop! Maybe hop over to OZ?? It will be a good time- I am excited for growth.

One of my very first blogs last year was my bucket list items for 2018– pretty funny as this blog started for my love of travel and that I wanted it to be a travel blog,whoops! I hardly went anywhere this year and thats ok. Like I said, this year was a total reflection mode space vibe and I think I definitely needed it. 2019 has already got travels on the horizon- and it’s cool that I  had to push Spain back a year. It will happen. Costa rica is happening too next year! Hehehe, lots of updates! How was 2018 for you? We still have 31 days of the year to make it awesome!

THE BIG REVEAL?? It is coming!

Ok, and before I leave you, I wanted to update you on one more thing. I kept hinting at it in previous posts- but it is something that is actually really scary- and something that I have been wanting to do, but honestly kinda shitting my pants, kinda scared of it failing, or people not liking it and you know, sucking. I am SO CLOSE TO SHARING IT WITH YOU GUYS, but I want to keep you waiting a little bit longer… just so I get the finishing touches down. It isn’t something I want to half ass. SO please look forward to my big reveal in a few weeks time! IT WILL BE BEFORE CHRISTMAS- yay early presents.

You, my friend,  are awesome! Sorry if this was a ramble of a blog today, I just had to get some shit out there! oh, PS- DECEMBER AND CHRISTMAS- I freaking hate it.. hate the commercialism, the songs, the presents… but I do love the vibes it brings. So look forward to some vegan christmas recipes, ideas, favourite things from me in the next coming days leading up to good ol Jesus’ Birthday! Whats your fav holiday tradition? Is there something you can recommend to my scrooge self?

See you guys soon! Namaste biiiish

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