Happy HUMP day my loves! Thank you for coming back and reading! If you had read my last blog, you would know that I was going to announce a surprise! Weeee! Well, it isn’t much of a surprise, because I had to upload it first to my website, and then to iTunes! So yep, surprise, lol! I am starting a Podcast in the new year! Woot Woot! Hopefully you all will enjoy it. I am looking forward to the new year as I have a few interviews lined up- so please stay tuned!  I also said last blog that I would be Christmas Vegan Baking! Don’t worry, I still am- you know how this time of the year is… BUSY. It is all getting done this weekend… which is basically Christmas (faak). You can still bake holiday stuff up until the new year….right? Alright, enough with the updates… just kidding, I got one more! 

If you had read my blog 3 months ago (my struggle with alcohol), you would know that I decided to give up the booze for a bit. Thinking back on my little life, every decision I had ever regretted was when I was drinking. It had always surrounded me, and this September I just got sick of the soul sucking feeling it would give me. So I stopped. 100 days later, and here we are! When I began in September, I had my goal in my head for 90 days. I have tried to get to that number before, many times and failed. I am not sure what changed this time- I guess a desire to be better to my body and my mind. I used to think that going without alcohol for long periods of time- years even, was CRAZY! I always thought to myself, “How do they do it? Alcohol is LIFE!” I am so so sooooooo happy I don’t think that way anymore.

A tiny part of me is surprised, but the other half of me knew I would get past 90 days. I thought about celebrating with a drink,(how ironic) and who knows, maybe I will have drinks again one day, but right now it just doesn’t seem right. I don’t need a drink to celebrate. I don’t need a drink when I have had a shitty day. I don’t need alcohol to help me deal with my emotions. Actually, it does the complete opposite. It numbs the emotions. Why could I not just sit with myself? Drinking to cope is not normal behaviour.. but the society we live in has made it that way. WHY, was I doing that? I used to justify it saying I wasn’t as bad as someone else…Just because I would justify it, doesn’t mean I didn’t have an issue or problem. Just because I am not on the street shooting up, or having a shot of vodka before work, doesn’t make it any else of an issue. It doesn’t matter how you are doing it, it is the question WHY are you doing it?  

I am really excited for one of my episodes on my podcast coming out the 3rd week of January, as my girlfriend and I talk all about addiction and what it does to someones life. Moreover, how you can rise from the ashes and contribute. People might say to me “You aren’t an addict though…” and who knows, maybe their opinion is right and valid.  What I do know, is that you can still be a functioning member of society and still have a problem. This year has been eye opening to say the least, and I am stoked that I hit 100 days. It is funny, when I first started, I thought to myself that I wouldn’t be invited out to things and that everyone would think I am silly. Some people did think that, but what’s cool is that the Universe always has you back. Guess who starts to show up in your life? People that don’t drink! I have met some amazing people over the past three months, probably because my vibrations have changed. I didn’t realize there were so many people out there, (my age and even younger) that choose not to drink as well. (Let’s be clear- just because I am not drinking right now, does not mean that I think I am better then you. I will still hang out with you, even if you want to drink in front of me :P). 

This time of year (the holidays) it is not only socially acceptable to get completely messed up, but it is also encouraged. WHY? Why does this time of year allow us a free pass? Because we are stressed? People keep asking me if I am going to drink because it is Christmas. My answer to that is, there will always be something… Birthdays, New Years, Holidays, Vacations. I was using that excuse for a long time… “I can’t give it up now, it’s the summer! I can’t do it then, I have a wedding to attend.” I didn’t realize how much I depended on alcohol on a social level. I am truly grateful I have given myself this time.I am going to keep going.

If you want a change or if you are struggling, reach out to someone. Heck, send me an email or dm! I am no expert, but I can be there to help you through. Everyones journey is different; you are on your own unique path. Don’t compare your chapter 4 to someones chapter 54. Be kind to yourself. I love you. 


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