Morning! Or afternoon where ever you are reading! Yes, you read the title correctly. I alluded to getting Botox in my Dermaplaning post a few weeks back– and I wanted to deliver and talk about it! Some people want to keep it a secret, but I see myself as a pretty authentic person, and if it can help someone else, then I will share. It has helped me! So here we go people!


Ok lets just get right into it. Why Botox? Well, when I decided I was going to make a blog last year, I decided to look up some successful bloggers and see what they do. I was on Pinterest and came across The Skinny Confidential. THANK GOD! I love Lauryn (the bad ass bitch behind this blog), and she is also a Gemini. 🙂 She has created an empire from blogging and I continue to watch her and listen to her on her podcast. ANYWAY- she is a huge fan of skincare. I will be honest- I didn’t think about skincare much up until this year, if you can believe it! I would just wash my face with dove soap and not really give a rip about it. I attended the Victoria Yoga Conference this year with my girlfriends, and got a little more educated with Miko Skin (I did a post on them as well). Since listening some older girlfriends about skincare, and Lauryn’s podcasts, they have rubbed off on me. Lauryn has skin experts on her podcast frequently, and I keep learning new things. She is also super open about Botox and how it is used as a prevention method for wrinkles. She got her first Botox done at age 21. She had me curious about Botox and is behind the influence, but I’m not ashamed one bit!


So, as I said, I didn’t care much about my skin up until this year. And, before listening to Lauryn, i thought Botox was stupid and I couldn’t believe 20 year olds were getting it done! As much as it pains me to say this, I am not 19 anymore and my skin is aging :'( . Fuck. I have a pretty expressive forehead, and noticed that I was developing a few deep lines on my forehead (3 lines). After hearing that Botox really just allows those muscles to relax, I wanted to give it a try. Because my forehead won’t be moving like crazy everyday due to Botox, the lines have a chance to fade slightly as they won’t be moving up and down 20 million hours a week. So, when I was getting my facial from Jess at Project Skin in Vancouver, I asked her if they did Botox. (Obvs, they do. Stupid question.) I decided to book my Botox there because I loved the vibe of that studio and the people that worked there.


I went to Project Skin on August 14th to get Botox by Dr. Monkia. She was very pretty and professional. (And her skin was FLAWLESS) She made me feel super comfortable and told me all about Botox; where it came from, what it does etc. Before she did the injections, she also looked at my face for about 3-4 mins explaining all the other work I could do on my face (skin wise lol). Fixing some discolouration, lines on my neck, fillers etc. Although I appreciated my options, I wanted to stick with Botox first and go from there! She ended up giving me 25-30 units (I believe.. can’t remember the exact number) on my forehead, crows feet and third eye area. At first I was a little nervous about the needle and pricks but it wasn’t that bad. I’ll be honest; she poked my face a lot more then I thought she was going to though. I was like.. “OMG hahah it is going to stop!?” Maybe I am exaggerating, but I believe the whole pricking process was a minute or maybe two. Thats it! It didn’t hurt much either- kinda like when you touch a thumb tack- that is what it felt like on my forehead.

Dr. Monkia said that Botox lasts about 3 months, or until you start to see lines creep up again. She also said that I wouldn’t see the full affects at first- it could take up to two weeks to see. (I thought that was interesting.) I walked out of the office like nothing happened. No blood, no redness- just like how I walked in. I also decided to invest in some skincare while I was there, and bought a Vitamin C Serum, and a few other collagen creams.The whole procedure costed $335,  the products I purchased are not included in that price.


Was it worth it? I think so! Obviously, this is just my opinion, and you do what you want to do- but I have noticed my lines in my forehead soften, which I LOVE. I am loving not seeing the 6-7 lines on my forehead to be completely honest. So many of us worry about wrinkles after the fact. The fact is, if you already have wrinkles, cream is not going to make them disappear. You have to prevent them from forming in the first place. Yes, I know- we are all going to grow older and wrinkles are going to happen, but if I can slow down that process, I am all for it.

My experience with it has been great! I love Project Skin, and I love my results. I will definitely continue to get Botox- the fillers will be a possibility. (Being really honest here- there is a big vertical line in my forehead- most people think I am bad shit nuts, but I can see it in most pictures. It has bothered me for a long time, and I have grown to embrace it, however, fillers might be an option BUT I don’t wanna go too far down that road…if you know what I mean?)

Here’s a couple of shitty pictures of me, without makeup on. The left is right before Botox in the studio, the other was taken today in September, a month after. I am raising my eye brows the same way. What do you think of the results?


Well there you have it. My first experience with Botox. It was a great one; if it was shitty, I probably wouldn’t recommend it to people. LOL! Are you thinking about Botox? On the fence? Have you gotten Botox in the past? How was your experience? I would love to hear from you!



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