Hey Loves- Happy HUMPDAY!! In case you didn’t notice, I have just naturally leaned towards Wednesdays (or Tuesdays) now as my day to post content. Monday’s are a little bit cray. I was driving myself mental to try and post every Monday- and for what? It’s my blog and I can do what I want! And really, if I am being totally honest, I either want to start my posts with happy HUMP DAY  or end my blog posts by saying ” SEE YA NEXT TUESDAY!” Hahahah!

Alright, so- as you know… there has been a lot of partying and a lot of grieving this month. I feel totally off balance and just a little ugh, ya know? I spent January- April working on my fitness and getting in shape and I loved it! June comes around and it’s the beginning of summer…and my birthday, the boyfriends birthday, the best friends birthday… just a whole lot of booze and partying. Hence, I feel like I have gained my 5 pounds back and then some. So, come July- shit is going to get real. There are some new projects that I am working on (when the time allows with my 3 jobs atm) but I am excited to share with you! SOON! But not yet. Right now, I am at my favourite restaurant (Browns), with the hubs having a sangria…Ok and a tequila soda as I write this. Trying to cram in blog time with date night- LOL. Love him. He’s the best!

ANYWAYS- really, I am writing this blog because I want opinions! Have you ever heard of Dermaplaning? I hadn’t either, but I have been listening to some beauty podcasts and apparently it is how the celebs stay so young looking and ageless. What is it? You are going to shit bricks! Chicks, shaving their face. YUP! Weird? Perhaps, but it is intriguing for sure! Some people even say that is why men look so great as they age; one because they don’t put all that shit makeup on their faces everyday, tugging and pulling at their skin- but second, because they exfoliate their faces by shaving!

Ok, so I had to do a little bit a research and see what was up with this stuff, because apparently a lot of women are doing it! So, it’s a super effective exfoliating treatment because the little peach fuzz on our face actually contributes to clogged pores! A blade is taken to the face to gently remove dead skin cells on your face (and hair duh). Ladies, do you ever notice when you put a lot of foundation on that your baby hairs on your face stand out way more? Since the razors get rid of the hair, your makeup will go on super smoothly. They also say that the skin products you use will also work more effectively since the product is not being blocked by dead skins cells.

What do you think about it? I’ll confess- I used to nair my moustache when I was younger. AND to my surprise, the hair did not grow in thicker or darker. However, there are a few spots by my lip where they are dark and I just end up plucking those ones. So needless to say, if I shave my face, the hair won’t grow in darker (but hey, you really never know until you try it!) So, would you do this? Sephora sells razors that you can use on your own and try at home, but a lot of sites I visited said to NOT DO IT YOURSELF. I think for your first time, maybe go see a professional. The only stupid thing about it is that a session is $150-$250! They say it last about 3 weeks, so if you are going that frequently- that’s going to add up real fast! Plus, I better be getting a facial as well with that price! DA FAK! Maybe I will just youtube how to do it (I’m sure its on there haha) and I’ll let you guys know how it goes. If I do, I will totally post a step by step on how to do it at home! 🙂

Wanna see a video of a chick getting her face done- click here ! 

Alright, that is all for me today…SEE YA NEXT TUESDAY- EVEN THOUGH IT’S WEDNESDAY! ps- it’s humpday, so you better get your hump on!


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