It’s Wednesday. Whooops! Did it again :(.  Posting on a Wednesday…two days behind. Maybe Wednesdays are the new Mondays…LOL ok I’ll just stop. This blog isn’t going to be an exciting one. I’m thinking it is more of a therapeutic  journal that everyone can read if they want to. Why? No idea. I wanted to start a blog. And I wanted to stay consistent; even if I had nothing to talk about. So, I will just be authentic and tell it like it is this week. I haven’t been feeling myself lately. Maybe it is the full moon that is around the corner- maybe it is because I have yet to establish a good morning/night routine, which is making me feel out of sorts. Maybe it is because I have zero food in the house and haven’t meal prepped this week. Or maybe it is nothing. Whatever it is, this post isn’t to feel sorry for myself. Whenever I buy a ticket for the pitty party train, I usually snap myself out of it and check myself! Your attitude is everything and there is ALWAYS someone who has it WAY shittier then you. Yeah, I said shittier. You can always be thankful for something! Like this morning for instance… I was up coughing all night and I woke up feeling sad and depressed that I was starting to get sick. Then about 5 minutes later, I got to thinking “Wow Shan, slow your roll- it’s a cough. I could be waiting for a liver or something”.

So yeah, I have it pretty good. But do you ever just have those days? Little funkies? Well, if you do you are definitely not alone! Happy Long Weekend BTW! If you live in Canada, this past weekend was a long one- and a holiday! Long weekends sometimes mess me up! Like this one for instance; coming back more tired then when I left. Also coming home with little hours to spare to get organized for the week ahead (like meal prepping or cleaning the house! Wow, who am I? Since when did cleaning the house make me feel sane and organized???Maybe that’s what happens when you grow up, or think you are growing up anyways.). Was it little hours to spare, or bad scheduling on my part and choosing to go to Browns for dinner instead of grocery shop? Whoops! Bad time management Shan!

LOL, I just realized I had like 5 trains of thought there. Maybe I do have ADHD. ANYWAYS as I am sure you can already tell, this post is a little pointless- hopefully you don’t unsubscribe. Maybe it is better to stay silent then to ramble on about nothing, I get that.

Maybe there is something on my mind that’s making me feel this way. I will say one thing that started my morning; perhaps not on the jolliest foot….Planning events! If you are an event planner, good on you! I am trying to plan the simplest of birthdays. To rent a limo to drive me and my friends from point A to B. You want to know what is interesting????? Majority of my friends said that they cannot afford $28 for a limo to and from point A to B…. I will let that just sink in for a bit. NOW IF YOU ARE MY FRIEND, please don’t take offence to this- there is a point to this and its not to bash on you (I think). So that got me thinking… I could understand and let it slide if I had that one broke friend that couldn’t get shit together to afford $30 for a night out (cheaper than a one way cab I might add), but, it was a theme. It wasn’t just one person saying that they couldn’t afford it- it was multiple. So either (1) they don’t like me and are just being nice to my face, (2) they are all broke and don’t know how to manage funds, or (3) LIVING IN VANCOUVER CANADA is expensive AF ! It is most likely number 3 since I’m the one over here working three jobs to make ends meet right now. I get it.

Somethings gotta give. Maybe birds of a feather flock together, or maybe our city is really overpriced. Most of us are living in sardine cans that cost a half million dollars and we renting! We are working 80 hour work weeks to bring home that gluten free, gmo free, organic bread and bacon. Or maybe it is a lame excuse to not want to go out for the night! LOL, and if it was… I would rather someone say ” I would rather shit in my own hand and clap then to hangout with you.” And you know what, I would totally respect that. Maybe this post is inspiring and brewing up another post about the cost of living in this city (heck- I LIVE AN HOUR AWAY from the city and it’s still bonkers)- and maybe that will happen down the road.  I think this is what happens when I sit down and start to write a blog post on Wednesday night after working both jobs. I get tired and rant. LOL, how inspiring. Nawt! Long story short- I hope I can manifest some good shit for this upcoming full moon because I ain’t feeling this too much 😉

Thanks for reading this lack luster of a blog post- I can’t promise there wont be more. OMG PS- did you see Spencer Pratts new Trailer? The guy is a Genius. GENIUS! 

Namaste, Bitches. (Yep, I added bitches today xo)


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