Hey Guys! OMG WHAT A WEEK! I am so happy that week is gone and in the past! There is something to be said however- when you complain you just get more of what you are complaining about! I had my little rant blog last week, and my week reflected my blog LOL! Just like when you show gratitude, you get more awesome things in your life- what you put out you get back! So I am not even going to give that week energy anymore. I will mention one update though- my baby Pablo disappeared into the night on Saturday! Let me give you some context.

If you are new to following me- I have been smitten with my little man Pablo for the past 5 years. Pablo is my Bengal cat. He is such a handsome little guy. As he should be… he is the most expensive (and high maintenance) cat I have ever purchased. But I wanted a Bengal cat, so that is what I did. He has been such a character and has brought so much love to my life. He is almost like a dog in a lot of ways! He fetches, does tricks, likes water (sometimes) and comes to his name when I call and whistle for him- almost every time. There have been 2 instances in the past where we have called his name and he hasn’t come back. Sometimes he is out having fun and it takes him about 3 calls within 15 minutes (stubborn guy) but he always comes. The times where he didn’t come, our neighbours called saying he walked into their house and started cleaning himself on their bed LOL- the other time he was under a boat and he was either hit by something, or fell from a high height…I’ll leave that for another post.

Anyways- long story short; Steve and I went out to my friends birthday party and it totally slipped our mind that we left our boys outside. I always call them in before it gets dark because I am paranoid about coyotes or bears eating them at night. So, about 3am, we roll in and our other beautiful baby Cameo is at our door waiting to come in. Then we both realize, OH FUCK, we left the cats out all night (too many tequilas). We call Pablo for about an hour and he doesn’t show up. Granted I have left him outside overnights a few times and he was fine before, but we were a little tipsy and I was stressing a little more. Steve and I hardly got any sleep and woke up at about 8am to see if he was waiting at the door.  There was no sign of him. We start to freak out a little more. We grab treats and start walking around the neighbourhood. We meet some neighbours and the “cat lady” who lives a few doors down. She has 8 cats! #goals! Side note- apparently one day Pablo went to the cat lady’s house, stole cat treats and came running back to our place with a whole bag of treats in his mouth LOL! Love him!

Some neighbours saw him Saturday night lurking around, but didn’t see him since. I start to worry more. It is unlike him and out of character as stupid as that sounds because, yes I know he is a cat. WHATEVER, he is like my kid and when he doesn’t come when he normally does, I know there is something wrong. We never got a call from anyone. I start to call the SPCA and online resources to share photos of him. Steve and I cried a lot that day. Like little babies. Steve almost has a bigger bond with Pablo then me. He nursed him back to health after that first time when he got hit. It was really cute actually.

Sunday comes and goes and night comes back around. We do a few more walks around the block and it feels like a piece of our heart is gone. Cameo was acting weird as well and looked super sad. He knew something wasn’t right. I had committed to going to a full moon ritual with a girlfriend a few weeks prior to this devastating news, so I decided, instead of feeling sad and sitting at home, that I was still going to go and connect. And I am SO HAPPY I DID! Not only did I see a few girlfriends I haven’t seen in ages, I met a new girl crush, Teresa (check her out) and manifested the power of the full moon! I am pretty sure I have talked about Full Moons before… but then again I have ADD and maybe I haven’t. Have you ever noticed your energy or other peoples energy around or during full moons? It’s some crazy shit! It is a beautiful time if you harness its energy correctly. It was a beautiful ceremony and I would recommend you going to Teresa’s events! I am heading to another full moon ceremony up in Hundred Mile House next month visiting my friend and boss babe Karen from Blissed Out Yoga- CANNOT WAIT!

Anyways- there was a portion of the night where our group got together (about 5 of us) and one person was in the centre of the circle. The other four women surrounded her (touching her if she would like) and they told her repeatedly what she wanted to hear. So, I asked the ladies that I wanted to hear “Keep the faith”. It was a magical experience. I wanted to be told to keep the faith about Pablo and really drew on the moons energy. There was lots of laughing, and crying too. I came back home, hoping Pablo would be there, but he wasn’t. I was still feeling really great from the evening, and decided to keep the faith. However, I was so tired from crying, and Steve and I continued to cried ourselves to sleep.

Monday morning comes around (when I was suppose to post a blog surprise- I didn’t). Steve woke up before me around 5am and called for him again. Nothing. I wake up around 7am, open the door to let Cam out, nothing. I start to break down. Like really break down. Ball my eyes out like a little baby. I missed his cuddles and I was worried about him all alone two nights in the dark. I decided to get out my 5 Minute Journal and write about how grateful and thankful I was that Pablo was home safe. That there were good people in the world and that he was home safe and sound. I really sat there for 5 minutes- thought about it and closed my book. I got changed and ready for work. I wanted to call Cam back inside for the day before I left. I opened up the door, and heard a little bell. Cam has a little bell as well on his collar so I thought it was him. And then I see Pablo walk slowly around the corner! I literally scream and laugh and cry SO HARD I thought I was delusional for a moment. BUT IT WAS REALLY HIM! Just strolling in all nonchalantly like he just came home from a bender! I was so happy and overjoyed but also so mad! That little bugger! WHERE THE HECK were you and what were you doing?? Steve thinks he was locked in someones garage or something as he came in around 745am. Also just super trippy that I had written about him coming home in my journal, 5 minutes before he came home. POWER OF ENERGY, GRATITUDE, VIBRATIONS and THE MOON, PEOPLE!!!

Anyways, we are so happy and grateful that he came back and that our family is complete again! We bought GPS trackers that morning LOL- I didn’t really do my research and bought a huge one for both Pablo and Cam… I will update you and let you know how it goes! HA! 

Thank you for all your love, thoughts and prayers over that 30 hour period when he was gone. It is not like him to leave for that long- so if that ever happens again, we will wait a little longer to call out the search parties. But, if that happens we will have a GPS so that will be cool AF.

Point of this post- when the Full Moon is around- harness that power! (ps, it is right now as I am writing! And it’s a beauty. ) There will be lots more posts about the Moon- I am testing a theory. Stay tuned.


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