This past week was pretty cray cray! I won’t disclose the deets, but in a nutshell, 3 jobs plus all my other on the side shit leaves little time for me to do anything else! SO, I was so pissed at myself for breaking my commitment for posting every Monday on my blog. I just couldn’t get to it yesterday- but everything happens for a reason and was able to visit my girlfriend in the hospital instead! I think this blog will be dope AF!I would love to start featuring people in my life on this blog (bloggers and influencers included!)I believe in  sharing the love, and I am not that interesting so it would be nice to see some other faces on here from time to time!  Really, enough about me; this post is all about my babe of a friend, Lacey Elliott.

As some of you may know, if you follow me on my social media handles, my girlfriend Lacey (you might recognize her from driving television) found out she had a brain tumour late last year. She had a seizure and was like WTF??? Took a while but her scan came back with that news. The tumour was also pressing on parts of her brain giving way to mood swings and other side effects.

I just got back from a visit with her in the hospital yesterday. Thank you for all your positive energy and prayers- she’s alive! 🙂 Yay happy dance! She went in for surgery May 11th, and was actually discharged today! She was saying they have brain surgeries happening like an assembly line. People come in on Friday to have surgery, out by Monday or Tuesday and do it all over again for Friday. Her surgeon actually performed 11 procedures on Friday! Woaaaah!

Lacey is really the definition of a warrior. If you know anything about her story, the past 5 years have been less than easy for her, yet she still puts a smile on and powers through! She is unapologetically herself and shares herself with the world. Many criticize  her for “airing her dirty laundry” on social but that’s why I love her. She is so authentic and tells it like it is. Her heart is gold and she pushes me to get shit done that I actually care about- like this blog! So, when we found out she had a tumour, it sucked big time- but if anyone were to get it and be a survivor, it would be Lacey.

It is still in the early stages- she will probably still be high from the drugs if she is reading this LOL but she is super coherent, remembers me and is resting at home now. Double yay! Her journey is far from over, but I know she will continue to share what she is going through and inspire many! She decided to document all of this stuff because she was looking for answers or other people who went through the same thing, but there was hardly any information on the internet about benign brain tumours.

Lacey is wearing her scar proud and will shave part of her head to rock a dope hair style. I really just wanted to talk about her today and let her know how much she inspires me everyday. She could of had this “woe is me attitude”, yet she continues to shine and stay positive. I am so happy she came into my life, and  I can’t wait to see what she does next. You can follow Lacey’s blog and podcast here, and be sure to send her some love for her recovery and rest <3

Until next week,


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