Hey loves! Happy Monday! My legit favourite day of the week…well Monday and Sunday. Monday’s get such a bad rep! WHY? Why can’t we be more excited for Mondays? It is my goal to never have to dread it, so I have just learned to love it over the years. Another reason why I love them is because they were my day off. Past tense, were. Not so much anymore. Now, if I am lucky, in-between the 3-5 “jobs” that I have, I will get Sundays as my day of rest LOL. Yes, you can say I have a problem for having so many jobs and working so much, but that’s who I am. I get bored easy and I feel like I have ADD and constantly need to be doing something. I really need to schedule chilling or meditating into my day.

So, one could say that I am pretty busy, I think most of us are DAAAA! So you want some advice on health and fitness on your busy schedule? That’s just it. SCHEDULE IT! I am not going to be talking about tips for food or what to eat. Every body is different and there is not a one fix all cure for weight loss. However, I will tell you how you can make your health and fitness a priority. SCHEDULE IT !

Alright, so thank goodness I took a personal development course last year that really made me get organized. Oh man- I don’t know how I survived without writing my schedule down. CRAZY TOWN. BOTTOM LINE- if it is in your calendar you won’t forget it and you will make time for it. You want to be healthy? Schedule it. You want to work out? Schedule it. You want to eat healthy meals? Schedule the prep. Legit. It is so simple and we complicate things waaaay too much.

If you are busy and you want to get your fitness in check, just schedule it. I am not kidding. Pick a time where you are not going to be interrupted, and just get it done. If you need the motivation, get a trainer. Honestly in my opinion its a waste of money (but hey thats just me). I want to take advice from people that have what I want to have and some trainers look lazy. Most of the info you can find online and on youtube. Don’t have money to go to the gym? Get outside and walk. Go on youtube. Watch my vids. Google motivation. Listen to it everyday. There are lots of ways to get fit but you aren’t going to do any of them if you don’t schedule it like everything else in your day.

Now that I have a side job where I am basically working Monday-Thursday mornings, I gotta commit to my day earlier. I wake up at 530AM and get that shit done. Simple. Plus, when you wake up early, you will be sooo surprised on how much time there is left in a day! AND the amount of energy working out gives you LOL. It really just comes down to organization and planning when you are busy. Download google calendar. It saved my life. It syncs with your gmail and you can colour code things and set reminders.

On Sunday, some friends invited me over to have Sunday Funday with them in the sun. It was tempting, but I already had PLANNED out my one and only precious day off. I don’t know if it is from growing older, but the less organized I am, the more anxiety I feel. I scheduled time to work on my business, to go grocery shopping and make my meals for the week. If I didn’t do that on Sunday, I would have no food to eat for today and risk falling off the wagon and pulling into McD’s. LOL yes, I am that bad. So, I plan so I don’t fail. Or else I would fail, miserably.

I made a vlog as well about my day off…nothing too crazy but this is a day in the life of me. One of my mentors I look up to is Gary Vaynerchuk. He says to just document everything. Boring shit, cool shit, just do it all. Looking back at it in 10 years time (who knows where social media will be then) to see how far you have come, and for other to learn off of you and your mistakes will rewarding later. He also says to document so people forget about the “overnight success stories”. Those don’t exist! It’s the day in, day out, blood sweat and tears shit that no one sees for 10 years until you finally get your big break. The grind. The grind has been feeling super REAL these past few months. But I know its leading me in the right direction.


So, if you were looking for a real in dept post or a step by step for what to do about health and fitness, you aren’t going to find it here. It’s just discipline and following through. It’s making time for it. It’s choosing the water over the pop. It is the LITTLEST THINGS that grow overtime and compound into the big things. What’s been helping me the past 3 weeks on this second round of 80D0, is the youtube channel “be inspired”. There are so many amazing videos on there. I listen as soon as I get up in the morning as I write in my gratitude journal. Here is one of my favourites I will leave you with. The video won’t post to my site for some reason, so click here! You won’t regret it! SLAY YOUR DAY! #DISCIPLINE  Have an amazing day my friend.


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