Hey Party Peeps! Happy Friday! Wooooo what a week! I feel like I have been sooo busy this week! Moving is tiring also PS. It’s 420 today too..if you are into that sort of thing!! LOL! Wow WHAT A WEEK! My apologies for not having the blog up on Monday, but I had shit to organize and jobs to go to! LOL…anyways here are some updates!!!!

I finished my 80 day program! Wooo! It feels amazing! Absolutely amazing for sticking with something and finishing it. As corny as it sounds, I feel like I can do anything now! Conquering your mind is such a game and a hard thing to do. Controlling what you put in your pie hole is hard. But so is everything else in life… Am I right? And it is amazing how your body feels when you put healthy, good food in it compared to the shit we are accustomed to. LIKE WOW! If you don’t have your health, you ain’t got shit in my opinion.

I am down 8 pounds! Started the program at 145-144 and I am now 137 pounds! I wouldn’t really look at the scale though because it does fluctuate everyday depending on what you eat and how much water you drink! Determine your results with your inches and how your clothes feel!!! I have lost 5 inches all over.. unfortunately 1 in my boobs 🙁  waaaaaaa! What can you do though! Lost another inch 1 in my butt, BUT it is stronger, lifted and firmer! 2 inches gone in my waist! WOOO HOO and 1 in my hips!

I honestly can’t wait to see my results for the second round because in this round I just completed, I was not following the programs eating guide. I was seeing the foods my body liked and didn’t like- basically an elimination diet with candida mixed in. The program wants you to portion control and time when you eat. I didn’t do that. You gotta do what works for you- this is YOUR JOURNEY. I say this if you have the discipline to do so. Some people need that structure and I do from time to time as well. I just love working out in the morning and on an empty stomach; I will program never eat before I work out otherwise I will puke it all up.  SORRRRRY AUTUMN. Anyways I am not going to write too much on here because  if you have been following me on social you know whats up. I have already posted those results but hey I’ll post them again why the heck not.  I decided to vlog the journey since January and if you have the time, you can follow my journey on there! 🙂 its about 25 mins… LONG AF but its my journey and I’m proud of it.

If you are wanting to join, get in here with me! We have the weekend and then I start it all over again for round 2!!! Here we gooooo! Weeee! You can fill out this form here to get in contact with me 🙂 

See you on the flip side!


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