Yo YO! What is up homies!? All I can say is, WOAH! Been a few busy weeks. And about to have a few more. Do you guys like being busy? I honestly do not know. I am my most happiest when I have me time; you know, like time alone with no one else around? It’s hard to come by these days. Right now as I write this post, I am by myself (yay) and it feels good. Some might think of me as an extravert… but I am definitely an Inny (introvert) at heart that needs her down and quiet time or else I go cray cray. So, busy for me sometimes feels hectic if I can’t get to my bubble bath, ya know? And the past few weeks has been nothing but people everywhere. Here’s a little update:

I have been busy with a new serving job. Yep, I said it. And I swore I would never go back to serving. (Never say never obvs) But I am fine with it. I wanted to do it believe it or not. For one, I loooove yoga and it is my baby. The future goal down the road (hopefully I will have a kick ass tribe – yes I am talking to you, the person still reading this blog) is to have my own yoga/fitness programsĀ  (maybe even studio) and lead retreats in hot amazing places. For now though, this blog isn’t making me money (YET- it will! I am determined!) and I had to lower my yoga class load because YES, you can burn out teaching yoga. Who knew right? Unfortunately, 9 classes a week isn’t paying my bills, so I went back to what I know best. Serving. The plan is to just stack the cash, and continue to put it into the business (and travel) Yes, I have a Crim degree, and no, I do not want to use it right now. It is there in the back pocket if I fail miserably at the entrepreneur thing- but if I am living my best life- I just CAN’T do the 9-5 thing. Thank god for the internet. We really are so lucky!

I’ve also been busy packing and painting. Yep, this girl is moving! Myself, along with the hunkie BF are moving farther into the burbs. The place is cute and right on a river so I am excited for a new change. I swear we almost broke up yesterday though- LOL. Painting- the struggle is REAL with a machinist boyfriend. If you don’t know what a machinist is ( don’t worry I didn’t either), they basically make big machines with other big machines. Wow, I sound smart… Think like roller coaster parts or big boat pieces. They are very meticulous when it comes to things. They have to be very precise. Let’s just say I am the total opposite of that. Care free, gone with the wind type of deal. Put the two of us painting in a room together. You catching my drift? LOL it’s all good though we figured it out šŸ˜‰ Still moving! And still excited about it! I am going to do a before an after video of the room so wait for that. I want to make it so pretty! Hopefully I can pull it off!

What is trippy is that I went to my medium, (who I have mentioned before on my blog), back in December to get some clarity for 2018 and she said “Does April 15-19th or to the end of April have any significance for you?” And at the time I said I have no idea and now, I’m like OMG-TRIPPY! Love you Julia! For one, she said I would be super confident in all areas of my life- physically, in my relationship, in business etc and that I would be out of my fog (which I totally was there back at the end of 2017). What is trippy about it all, is that April 15th is our moving day and it is the end of my 80 Day Program! She nailed it right on the head! If you don’t go to mediums and you would like to give it a go,Ā  I recommend Julia hands down!

Crazy to say, but this is the last week of my 80 day program! WTF right? Geeze 2018 slow the F down already. We are almost 100 days into 2018. How is yours going? Glad you asked how mine was LOL- honestly it’s great. This program has a lot to do with it- I will give credit where it is due. I had no idea I would be doing this program back in December. All I knew was that I was going to go down the candida route (still 80/20ing that- that’s is a whole other blog post. I will also be visiting a naturopath this week so I can let you know how that goes!). I am so happy I decided to commit to something a little more challenging. I can’t believe I have never really completed a program- well that is a lie- I did one other time when I was 21 and that got me in the best shape of my life and I am almost back at it!!! HOLY CRAP! All I can say is DON’T GIVE UP! Just keep going.

So my last week in this programĀ  is called “peak week” where we wanna get the best results and cut our carbs. We are only suppose to do this for a short amount of time. The workouts get tougher. I am all about that. What I am not too found of is the eating plan. Since I have been eating mostly the candida way- I have been eating hardly any fruit or wheat and just loading up on the healthy fats. And I have STILL been losing weight. It is wonderful. The programs eating guide though, allows you like 1/3 cup of fat a day for peak week. WTF dude.Ā  In all honesty, you have to find what works for you because every person is so different, our bodies are different too! One diet may work for you, while someone else’s body responds better to something else. One of my mentors Chalene Johnson has created a program to help you discover what is best for your body and metabolism and I am REALLY into it.Ā  Read that post on her blog- it’s hilarious! I will probably dive into that in September. Right now, LOVING THE FAT so give me more avocados please. NO 1/3 cup a day for this girl. More like 2 or 3 cups LOL. Serious.

So I guess you can say peak week is going ok… hahah. I chuckle as I write this consideringI have a few pieces of 85% dark chocolate in my hand. All good peeps! Only 4g of sugar for 3 big squares. yep- tastebuds have changed for sure over these 80 days. I also have not meal prepped. Because of the move there is nothing in my fridge accept almond butter and La Criox Sparkling water. LOL, yes… My new obsession.Ā Regardless, I will be doing a final post next week on my journey, along with a video too!

ANYWAYS- wow this blog was just a ramble and a half- but I wanted to keep you informed and updated if you care hahaha. Oh- and one more thing!! I loved this bomb ass program so much, that I am going to lead a group this time. I want to pay it forward! You will have me as you personal coach for 80 days. There will be other kick ass women in the group who are also committing to 80 days, where we connect online and track our workouts and food together. I’ll be there to help you, so this program is literally idiot proof. if I can do it, so can you! We are all going to conquer together and head into summer confident AF! So, if you are down, or want more information, CLICK HERE! Registration is LIVE, and I am only going to take a certain number of ladies, so if you are down and want to make 2018 your year, pitter patter lets get at her!Ā  GROUP STARTS APRIL 23RD.

That’s it, thats all folks- stay tuned for some fun things- like meal plans, newsletters, vlogs up on my youtube channel and some GIVEAWAYS!! So I gotta ask; what would you just LOVE to have or receive in a GIVEAWAY? Let me know in the comments below! I am so excited and can’t wait to give back to you <3


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