Hey loves! Did you guys know that this Sunday, April 22nd is Earth Day? Honestly I believe everyday should be Earth Day; it is our home and I feel like we take it for granted way too often. I don’t want this post to be a depressing one because I tend to get depressed when I start to think about the big picture of all the waste we create and shit. So I am not even going to go there! I am going to go to a happy place instead! This post is all about making the world a better place!

So, do you celebrate earth day? I actually never have, so its kinda ironic that I am writing about celebrating it. But hey, here we are. Over the past few months of  experiencing my body on whole foods, I have come to the conclusion that we are all connected and the earth supplies us with this wonderful fresh food to eat, and we should return the favour, respect the cycle and put good things back in. Does that make sense? For example, like composting, or buying local, or sustaining yourself from seafood or meat. I know many take what we have here for granted; myself included. My dad and I have this argument all the time. He wants that pipeline to be built or else our economy will go to shit. I understand that fully and I feel that unfortunately the pipe line will happen. But when is the world going to realize that we cannot eat money? The resources here need to last us! OMG I could go on a rampage right now…I won’t start. Like I said this is a HAPPY post. I am sharing with you what you could do this Sunday to do your part and give back to our mother.

One of the most satisfying things ever! I know a girl who is actually going up north to plant trees…like ALL DAY, every day. Although that would be super hard on the body, I know that would also be super rewarding. If you know you are going to be living somewhere for a while, why don’t you plant a tree in your back yard…or maybe somewhere where you are allowed to plant trees. I have no idea where you can LOL! I am going to figure that out. I would love to plant a tree and watch it grow over the years. That is what my dad did for me in my childhood back yard. The tree covers most of our property now.


Nothing better then to move your body and pump your lungs. Nature and being surrounded by trees- there is just something magical about it all. I think the trees just give you so much fresh air that you get high! LOL- if you live in the lower mainland- here are some good hikes.

What I have been doing since this move. We used to live in a 3 bedroom suite and now we have downsized to a one bedroom. I will tell you I have A LOT of clothes. And most of them I do not wear. SO SAD. Do you find you have like 5-6 go to outfits or items that you wear all the time? Well, I do anyway. We really don’t need it all. If I was living in a van, I would take my 5-6 outfits. I have been telling the BF Steve to get rid of his shit too, because he literally has so much. SO MUCH FOR ONE GUY. Instead of throwing it all away to the dump, giving it to charity, or value village goes a long way. Someone else’s trash is someones treasure, right?

So, this one has always been on my list. Something that in the moment I enjoy, but then when I think about how much resources it takes to sustain the meat industry it sickens me. Plus, eating cute little animals also sickens me. It is a habit that I have just grown up with and it is a hard one to break. If you are already veggie or vegan, thank you! I applaud you. For the meat eaters like me, change really begins on your plate. This could be a whole other blog post and maybe I will make one, but did you guys know that methane gas from the animals we house to eat account for 51% of the worlds green house gases that contribute to global warming? Crazy right? Here is another one: Animal agriculture water consumption ranges from 34-76 TRILLION GALLONS ANNUALLY! IT TAKES 2500 GALLONS TO PRODUCE ONE POUND OF BEEF. This shit is nuts. I watched the documentary called COWSPIRACY and it just gets more depressing then this. I would highly recommend to watch it though and educate yourself. I know that my goal will be to be a vegan, but I am starting with eating less meat. So why not start by going meatless for Earth Day?

This one is fun and I am totally going to do it! Now that spring is here, I can hear the birds chirping and I LOVE IT! I have always been fascinated by hummingbirds though! The way they move so fast and just the overall look of them. And I am not sure if you guys follow Spencer Pratt on Snapchat… used to be the guy from The Hills? Anyway he is super nuts but he has a hummingbird obsession like me and he snaps the birds on his fingers drinking nectar! They have over 100 birds visiting their yard! I think that is BAD ASS, and I want to do it too! Steve called me a follower for that, I corrected him saying I am a copier, not a follower 😛 But, there could be worse things right? I want birds in our yard, sue me!

Again, I really just think this is a list for me that I am sharing publicly! I have always felt guilty for throwing away bio degradable things into a plastic bag. Kinda like how I feel throwing a recyclable item into the garbage UGH! So, if you are feeling like giving back to the earth, I would go buy a compost! Is anyone else guilty of throwing their fruit outside on grass instead of the garbage? I do this all the time and I do not care. The way I see it, me throwing out an apple core onto the grass allows birds to be fed and the grass too! It will just go back into the earth…unless someone picks in up and throws it in the trash…

Litter is totally different then fruit in my personal opinion. This is the part the depresses me. So we got the agriculture that is destroying the earth, and now we have the plastic that is destroying the oceans. Try not to think about the big picture because then I start to think that it seems so helpless and I can’t change anything. BUT WE MUST START SMALL! If you see litter, pick it up on Earth Day would ya? If you want to take it a step further, stop using straws. Why? See exhibit A: #saynotostraws

OMG my heart. I use reusable cups with reusable straws. Think about the straw next time you go for a Starbucks or a drink on Saturday night.

Again, something I have been wanting to do forever! If you have the space, it is such an amazing thing to do and watch grow. You will appreciate the food you put into your body and the effort it takes to nourish it to grow. I don’t have my own property (yet) so unfortunately I can’t do this one, but I can grow some things from inside my house; like mint and other herbs. Feel free to start small with a strawberry or blueberry plant. Summer is just around the corner, so it is perfect timing!

Well those are my ideas for Earth Day! Do you have something in mind that I didn’t mention? I would love to hear what you do for your part in taking care of the earth! Comment below and share some ideas with me! 🙂 Hope you all have a fabulous Earth Day xo



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