Heyo! Happy Friday Party Peeps! Friday’s don’t really have a rhyme or reason to them so I really never know what I am going to share here. Today however, is kinda special. I am on Day 60 of my 80 day program. Pretty nuts. I started in January and I CANNOT BELIEVE I have almost done 80 days straight of workouts. Not only that, but it is almost April. WTF!!!? 2018 noooo please slow down; you going to fast 🙁  It really just goes to show that time is going to go by no matter what. If you are worried about the time it is going to take to accomplish something… I mean, what else are you going to do with your time? Watch Netflix and chill? Commmmon 😉

I thought the same thing when I was in University getting my BA… I wanted to get out of school so badly, I was just so over it. A lot of my friends weren’t in school and they were out traveling and having fun. My dad would always say that line to me though…”Time is going to pass whether you are in school or not. At least you will have a degree”. LOL… yeah, a degree I don’t use. FML. I should have switched into Kin or something. It’s ok though- there are lots of options for me if I ever want to go back. (Thinking about all those natural nutrition schools!)  So anyway, I am getting off topic…as per usual. My point is that time passes anyway- working out or not- working on your own business/empire or not. You have the power to choose how you are going to use your precious time. It goes by HELLA fast. And not to mention, it has been pretty easy to build the habit of working out now. So much repetition of scheduling my workout, and eating for my body.

Since last Friday’s post was all about how insane I thought I was (about getting a complex… I must have been in mercury retrograde early or something), this Friday I feel completely different. I took my progress photos, and they were what I expected them to be. All my life I have wanted washboard abs. And it all honesty, I know how hard it is to get those suckers…especially for women. It’s all about what you eat in the kitchen. I don’t have them yet, and I know its going to take a lot of discipline. Since I am not following the programs eating guide, I knew my results were going to differ slightly. AND I’M COOL WITH IT. I have been following the Candida diet for the most part… staying away from carbs and sugar (with the occasional cheat meal) and I am seeing a nutritionist next week to see what else can be done. I have been eating TONS OF FAT. More then I have ever before. Almond butter, avocados, olive oil, cheese. DON’T CARE. I haven’t been measuring macros or anything; though some might think I should. I am eating when I feel hungry. That is about it. And I am happy. I know that I will not stop my workout routine after the 80 days are over. This is really just the kickstart- the beginning.

It is all about the journey as cliché as that sounds. I mean, what is going to happen after 80 days? Day 81? Am I going to go back and eat bread all the time? Stop working out? Hell no. This has created a habit for me- something I get to do…uninterrupted me time. Time that makes me feel sane and a better person after I have put in the work. Our bodies are literally the craziest machines ever. Have you ever really thought about all that they do?? MIND BOGGLING! Could you imagine if we had to stop and tell our bodies to digest food? Or clog the blood and make ourselves stop bleeding if we cut ourselves? LOL Seriously though! Next level stuff. This is a journey for me…what foods does my body do well on? What exercise does it like best?

I posted a little video this morning on my insta story about non scale victories. It is so hard these days with social media not to compare ourselves; our lives, jobs, and bodies to others. Yes, I wanna look my best, but I also want to feel my best. If working out or moving my body didn’t make me feel good at the end, I probably wouldn’t do it. I do it for the high feeling I get. It feels soooo amazing. That is what I am addicted to. I haven’t weighed myself. I don’t care about that. What I am loving is that I have more energy, clearer skin, and I am stronger! There is so much more going on then just weight loss. I just feel better in my own skin!  REMEMBER, it is just you vs you. No one else. Comparison is the theft of joy. I AM NOT PERFECT. I do it too- but then I catch myself and snap out of it. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. What is a non scale victory for you?

I will be making a video for youtube about my 80 day journey on this program as well as the candida diet so please stay tuned! It’s coming at ya in the next 25 days or so! For now, here are some progress photos! Love you guys and TGIF!


ps. I  THINK I will be making a meal plan soon, and a newsletter is in the works! Drop a comment below if you would be interested in any of those xo


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