Yo, WAD UP!! It is (late) Monday night   and time for another blog post. Funny, on Friday I posted about my sugar crash so I thought it would be fitting if I gave you a recipe I have been using when I am at home- NOT TEMPTED BY DESSERT 😛 As you can see, if I buy crap and have it at my house I will eat it. So, I had to get creative. I made this up on the fly a few weeks ago after buying HOLY CRAP cereal. This is a local cereal and I LOVE BUYING AND SUPPORTING LOCAL! If I can, I will! I thought it tasted so good and I thought adding protein and chocolate into it would make it even better. It did.  So here it is…

Now I will warn you- if you are someone who is scared of fat because you think you will get fat- STOP THINKING LIKE THAT. Our bodies NEED fat and all the low fat horse shit stuff you buy in boxes is not real food. Honest to goodness- sugar is the devil and it turns to fat anyway if you don’t burn it off. Sugar is the cause of a lot of diseases so that is why I have decided to say bye to sugar and hello to fat! Plus, the KETO diet is all the craze right now- I am dabbling with it to see how my body responds and my energy level etc. It has actually been fun to eat more fat and feel GOOD about it. No guilt or shame. Give me the fat and hold the sugar!

Ingredients :

  • Water or Unsweetended Almond Milk
  • Fermented Vegan Proteins+ (Genuine Health Brand)
    (Shakeology is also an AMAZING substitute- I use this also (8g of natural sugar per serving and you can buy it here! 🙂 )
  • Skinny B Breakfast Cereal
  • TruMarine Collagen (WithinUs Brand)
  • Ghee
  • MCT Oil
  • Almond Butter (optional)
  • Cinnamon to taste

Depending how thick you want your pudding, I would fill your bowl halfway up with water or milk- I honestly don’t measure and maybe I should… but I really don’t care 😛  Take a scoop of the protein powder, a few teaspoons of skinny b, and a serving of everything else and mix together with a spoon! It is so easy! Toss it in the fridge for a half hour or overnight and have dessert for breakfast.  YUM! If you are more of a visual person, you can see me make it right here.

CALS | 375 
PROTEIN  |  26g
FAT   |  22.2 g
CARB | 16 g
FIBER  | 8g

There is literally ZERO sugar in this if you don’t add the almond butter (there is 1g of sugar in a sponful of almond butter). THERE WILL BE MORE FAT AND CALORIES if you add the almond butter and milk- I did not add that in my tutorial.

GIVE IT A TRY! Don’t knock it until you try it. For reaaaaals! Yeah it’s fatty but again, fat will keep you fuller LONGER. The chia seeds will keep you full and make you poop too! The collagen will help you grow nice hair and strong nails plus help your skin glow! When is the last time dessert did that for you???

Let me know what you think if you make it! Love you xo



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