Oh, the sweet art of doing absolutely nothing. That is what my man and I did this weekend. There were times in my past (and honestly it still comes up) where I would feel extremely guilty for doing nothing. I would always feel the need to be busy or preoccupied or working on something. Anyone else feel that way? I believe it is important to take rest or even seasons of rest. You need that time to realign and recharge so you can get back to slaying in full force. The past few months (December to now) have really been like that for me. I have been really happy taking this time for me.

For Valentines this year, I wanted to take my man to the Scandinave Spa in Whistler- he had never been and I had a feeling he would like it. Well, not the cold bath part LOL! Steve and I made the trek up to Whistler Saturday morning! It was such a fun drive. For one, it started to snow BIG chunks of flakes down on us and two- I finally had a coffee! Hallelujah 🙂 Now, when I say coffee, it wasn’t real coffee but it tasted pretty close!

I have been on the Candida diet since January and one of the restrictions on the diet is NO COFFEE! Ayyeee. It was hard, then it was easy, and then it got hard again. So I went into the Starbucks in Squamish and asked if they had decaf expresso (I had no idea if that even existed) and the universe delivered. Who knew then made decaf expresso…seems a little contradicting but HEY, it was delish. That was my treat for the weekend.

We finally arrive in Whis and its a ZOO! So many people skiing and boarding, I kinda wish we were doing that as well. I haven’t been on the slopes in over two years… I gotta make an effort to get up there soon. We walked around the village for a place to eat. We looked at Longhorn and it was a party! People outside and inside, you would have thought it was midnight and the pub crawls were ending. We were so hungry and we didn’t want to wait in the huge lines at Longhorn (even though it looked so fun) so we walked over to earls.  Also, why would you spend $200+ to go to Whistler and board, but spend all day at the bar in your gear?? LOL… My ADD is kicking in again.

Earls was so delish, and I was able to still eat with my diet. I had the best salad… I don’t remember what it was… the powerhouse something? I made a few mods on it- and the waitress forgot my olive oil dressing and put the real dressing on… OH WELL I STILL LIVED! 🙂

It was time for us to go to the spa! If you don’t know, the spa uses hydrotherapy (hot water, cold water, relax) to energize and relax the body. It has a ton of health benefits like improving blood circulation and detoxifying the body. There were no photos allowed in the spa (bummer but obvs defeats the purpose of relaxing), so you will just have to go check in out yourself! We went in the hot tubs, then jumped in a cold bath (13 degrees) for about 10 seconds. I couldn’t stay longer then that, but Steve challenged himself -which was SUPER surprising because he loathes cold water. Then we went into our robes and relaxed by the fire place. We did that over and over for about 4 cycles. Finally, we finished the night with a relaxing couples massage. It was LIT!

I knew we would be pretty zenned out by the end of the night and didn’t think we would want to drive back into the city at 9pm. Little did I think that Whistler would be so expensive this time of year. DUH, its peak season Shan. Regardless, I have a few handy apps that I use to find the best hotels- one app being Hotel Tonight (where they find you last min deals on hotels) and my own private search engine on Rewards Dream Trips. Those are usually golden, however everything was sold out for the weekend- OR 900$ a night FOR ONE ROOM!! One day when I am balling out of control, sure 900$ a night is totally reasonable… but not today LOL.

So, we decided to rough it out like the inner bum children we are and made a bed in the back of Steve’s Jeep Cherokee. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! We love camping. The challenging part was finding a place to park for the night, since the Whistler parking lots are no beuno for overnight parking. We managed to find a snowy ski-doo parking lot a little ways out of town. It was pitch dark and creepy AF- but it was perfect. I wanted to take a picture of our cute little set up in the morning with the sun coming in- but we were woken up by a huge light! It was still dark outside and I thought we were going to get murdered in the bush. It turned out to be a snow plough at around 5am, ploughing the parking lot for all the people going sledding later on that day. So, we decided to just turn the jeep on around 6am and jet out. There was so much traffic going into Whistler that morning compared to our side heading back! Everyone was headed to the mountain….and we were headed to our cozy bed and fur babies. We made it home around 8am and we passed out again until 2pm! We must have needed it.

I normally would have freaked out for sleeping in that late, but I am slowly learning to let go, and rest when I need it. My season of rest is almost over…I am really milking it until I start to go crazy. I am happy I took the time to chill and regroup- and now I am ready to get back to making some cash and traveling 🙂 This year has already been super amazing- I have been to Orlando, Victoria and now Whistler…and this is me chilling LOL! I can’t wait to hit to ground running!

What did you do this Valentines Weekend? Have you been to the Spa? What is your fav thing to do in Whistler?  Do you ski or snowboard? I need a snow friend- ig or fb DM me and lets plan a day in the mountains!



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