Hey Gorgeous! Happy Monday! Today marks Day 39 of my 80 Day program and Day 57 of my candida diet. Woah. I never thought I would have made it this far without sugar. Now, granted- I have had a few slip ups (including this weekend which consisted of a lot of vodka sodas on Friday night… SMH), but overall- no binging on brownies or ice cream or 5 cent candies. I’m actually damn proud!  Woot Woot! 

PS- if you wanna hear my and my GF Lacey talk about Vaginas and Candida, her newest podcast link is below 😉

I promise I will write a post in these next coming weeks as to what I normally eat in a day, but today I wanted to share some of the workouts I have been doing the past 6 weeks because I will be honest- I’m LOVING THEM.

I used to be the girl that would do a program for about a month or so and fall off… this year (and this program) is totally different from previous years. If you follow me on social media, you will know I have been posting about the 80 Day Obsession. This program was created by the company Beachbody- and it is a home workout program. Autumn Calabrese is the trainer (her name might be familiar to you as she was the creator of the hugely popular program called the 21 Day Fix), and what is really amazing about this program is that is was filmed in real time over 80 days. The cast of the program are legitimately doing all the workouts with you- and it is never the same workout twice which is really refreshing! It’s dope AF! 

Anyways, you are probably like STFU and get to the workouts…LOL. Again, what is really cool, is that the program goes through 3 phases. I am now on phase 2 and the point of the phases is to confuse the muscles and keep shredding without plateauing. I am more of a visual learner myself, so instead of typing the routine out for you, I made a quick little youtube video to highlight some of my favourite moves throughout the program so far. I would suggest going through the exercises at 10 reps each, 2-5 times through (depending on how much time you have!)

I know on Tuesday it will be Day 40, and I will take pictures again, but for now, since I wanted to stay consistent with posting on Monday’s, here are my Day1 vs Day 20 results. Not too much progress here, but I can slowly start to see the changes! REALLY excited to see what Day 40 looks like… even though I have been hitting the almond butter really hard and I know that will probably hinder my results a bit.. please tell me I am not the only one who just eats it by the spoonful?! LOL- its been my saving grace when I want something sweet!  BTW- I am flexing in both these photos- Day 1 and Day 20. 

You can find my video preview here: 

If you are still curious about this program, and would like to either join my free accountability fitness group, or purchase your own program of 80 Day Obsession, the links are provided below!


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Once you order, be sure to join the free group, and add me as a friend on facebook- find me by searching coachshannonee or DM me on instagram @queen.namaste 

Well, that’s all for me today! I cannot believe it is the last week of February already- it went by so quick.. but I am really excited for spring. Until next week…



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