Hey there beautiful! Happy Monday! We are officially in February- the month of love- or commercialism. HA! However you look at it, I know some people loathe V-Day and others can’t get enough of it! I am between… I could take it or leave it. It is a nice excuse to do something for the person you love, and in my opinion, you should be showing your love more than once a year…daaaa! Anywho…I thought I would share the love and write on a few date ideas for this coming lovers day. Even if you are single, these dates would be great to do with your girlfriends!

Lazer Tag/ Extreme Air Park

Ok, this is SO underrated! My boyfriend and I took his niece to Lazer Tag just this last week and we had the best time! It was us against 20 little kids on a two story blackout arena! Music was blaring, our hearts were pumping and we were all laughing! Planet Lazer in New West was also joined with Extreme Air Park. There are trampolines everywhere! We didn’t get a chance to do that half, but if you had a few couples come along with you, it would be a really fun night! Plus a good workout.

Dinner In The Dark

Ok, this I have never experienced but I reaaaally want to go try! If you don’t know what this is, it is pretty self explanatory. Dark Table is a restaurant where it’s pitch black and you eat mystery food! Have you tried this? Definitely interesting!

Scandinave Spa 

This is my happy place! If you live in Vancouver and want to get away for the day, this is the place to escape to! A silent spa outside in the wilderness of Whistler; hydrotherapy and massages…yes!


Also underrated!!! How about going to a yoga, or a hot yoga class with your beau? It is really fun to do active things together. It strengthens your bond, plus endorphins will kick in

post exercise… if you know what I mean ;).

Camping At Hot Springs

My man and I like to do this often! I know you might be thinking…”Camping in the winter? You’re nuts!” It is actually so fun though! A great place to go is Tsek Hot Springs. Also near Whistler, it is quiet and relatively easy to get to! Plus, you will be so warm after your bath, you will want to cuddle up close in the tent for snuggles.

Snow Shoeing or Hiking

You can do this with the man, or with a group of friends! Take advantage of the snow that is up in the mountains this time of year and take some insta-worthy pics! Seymour, Cypress and Grouse all offer Shoes! Finish the evening off with some hot coco!

Make A Meal 

If you are cheap like me, going grocery shopping saves you money! If the two of you enjoy cooking, hop on Pinterest and make something in the kitchen together.

Go For A Float

Another one of my favourite things to do! So peaceful and relaxing! The float spa deprives  your senses, allowing you to float above the water in total darkness and silence! Perfect for mediating and it also helps your muscles and joints. Do this with your man in a double tank!

Breweries in the Burbs

If you like beer, hopping from one brew to the next is a great date idea. There are many all over the city, with Port Moody Parkside being the new local fav. Once you venture out into the burbs, and are good and drunk… stay awhile and head over to some of the awesome restaurants around the area. Taps and Tacos, Pizzeria Spaccanapoli ,  Romers and  of course, Browns.


Ok I can’t leave out the basic date! If you are looking for great places in Vancouver to eat, here are a few of my favs.

The Arms Reach Bistro is a little hidden gem in Deep Cove on the North Shore. Hike during the day to Quarry Rock, (picture below) then head to the reach for lunch or dinner! You will love it.The Score on Davie is another favourite. They have the crazy caesars with burgers and grilled cheese on them. They also have board games to play while you wait for your food. I have yet to find a Mexican/Cuban restaurant in the city better then Havana. Located on Commercial, they have famous sangria/mojito pitchers… and they aren’t chintzy either! They are BOMB. I have never had a bad experience there. The Naam is just amazing. The best place in the city for vegetarian and vegan food, and you don’t even realize you aren’t eating meat!


Last but not least, this one is for the girls! High Tea at Neverland. Saaay What??? I thought they only had this sort of thing in England, but look no further then Kits! Having tea, sandwiches and dressing up fancy is so much fun! They also have the best little bite sized desserts! End the day with taking your favourite tea you tried, home with you!

Well, thats my list of fun date ideas do to this year, on or around Valentines Day. Embrace the most loved/hated day of the year. When you are out having fun, you will forget what day it is.

Until next week loves,


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