So, if you didn’t know…fitness is my jam. I love it, it keeps me sane. I can’t go more than a few days without moving my body in some sort of way where I break a sweat, otherwise I go CRAY CRAY! It didn’t always used to be that way I might add. It took a while for my body to get into the routine of working out. Even when there were days that I didn’t want to, I forced myself to push through anyway and told myself over and over, “ You like this, you enjoy this”. You know what happens after that? You start to believe yourself!

I’m here to let you know that it is ok if you don’t enjoy yoga or fitness, but I am going to let you know something else. If you don’t start moving your ass, your going to die sooner. LOL .. ok that may be a bit harsh, but the bottom line is, we only got one life. I am sure you already are aware of that because you are smart and smart people read my blog, but we really do take our body and health for granted. We wouldn’t let our brand new car just sit there and rust- we would drive it and take it out. We wouldn’t fill it up with crap gas either or neglect oil changes. We would fuel it right and take care of it. Why do so many of us neglect that with our bodies and heath?

Maybe you are someone who has tried every New Years to get back on track only to slip into your old habits the next month. Maybe you are wanting to change your routine. Maybe you want to make some new friends. Wherever you may be, I know that we are stronger together and we can accomplish great things TOGETHER. My invitation to you, is to sign yourself into my accountability group! Our tribe of ladies who are all on the same journey to health and mindfulness. There will be recipes, workouts, accountability and conversations! Best part? It’s 100% free. So really, what are you waiting for? Donuts? Mmmm donuts… they will cost you more then to be in this group 🙂  Click on this link here to join !  See you there gorgeous!

If classes are more your jam, please come out and take a class with me!

My Oxygen Schedule (New West BC)

Tuesday 930am Fusion, 1045am Freedom Flow, 12pm Deep Stretch

Wednesday 4pm Power Core, 515pm Freedom Flow

Thursday 430pm Power Core, 545pm Freedom Flow


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