Don’t you just LOVE this time of year? Ok yeah, I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with January too. I get it. Most of us are hung the EFF over from the month of December (literally and figuratively), broke, and pasty white. Aside from the negative, I also get really inspired and ready to say Byeee Felecia to the previous year, and set some scary crazy goals for myself. AND if your like me, we stick to them for a bit- some we accomplish, and some get flushed down the toilet with the Christmas left overs.

I’ve set lots of goals for myself over the years, only to have myself diminish them or make myself wrong. Those little thoughts in my head inspired me to take that on as WHAT NOT TO DO. Trying to keep it simpler then years prior, and after some brainstorming, here are my top 3 resolutions.

1.Listen More

Ahh listening! I liked to think of myself as a good listener. People always come to me to talk about issues and share their thoughts on whatever is there for them. But if I am being totally real, I find myself zoning out or thinking about pizza when I am in the middle of a conversation, ALL THE TIME. There were even a few instances where my friends legit called me out saying that I did not listen. Oki girl, get with the program. I also think that I have undiagnosed ADD, but I digress. I wholeheartedly agree that when you listen intently and really get in another persons world, your life will alter. Getting what people are actually saying to you will make the world of difference. I have been in a training and development program for a few months where I have began to literally listen for and reliably deliver that what makes a real difference in what people care about and what they are dealing with. When you do that, people are left with more power, freedom, self expression and peace of mind. Who wouldn’t want to do that for people? We have two ears and one mouth for a reason, so this ones at the top of my list!

2.Limit My Spending

Notice how I was super general? What kind of spending? Well, my spending looks like this. $20 at Starbucks, $50 at Browns, $15 at Tim Hortons, $22 at Chopped Leaf, $14 at Freshii… the list goes on. My bank statements are legit food diaries. I always ask myself, “Where did my money go??” It went in your belly, dingus. If I just went grocery shopping, bought a coffee machine and only went to Browns on special occasions… I think I would be a millionaire. Or eat less.. one of the two LOL.

3.Get Rid Of My Candida

Get rid of what now? This one relates to my #2 resolution for eating out less. You might be wondering what Candida is (don’t worry, I will do a post about it, along with the foods that I am eating) and in short it is a build up of yeast in your body detected mostly in your gastrointestinal tract and mouth. Candida shows up in everyones body, however it becomes a problem when there is too much of it. You yourself may be suffering from overgrowth of Candida- my symptoms were:  chronic fatigue , sinus infections, recurring vaginal and urinary tract infections, brain fog, itchy skin, bloat, just to name a few. I’ll dive into Candida more in future posts on how to spot it and get rid of it, but as for right now, my main focus is to clean up my diet and feel healthy again. I won’t lie, this diet, or should I say lifestyle change is a huge commitment  but at this time of the year I am ready for it. Its a 3-6 month change minimum. I am used to thinking short term; buy a coffee here, eat a bagel there.. it doesn’t matter its just one day. Well friends, those one day after another adds up and compounds overtime. I’m changing my thinking into long term.Food is our medicine and what better time to start being mindful of whats fuelling my body, really! Getting rid of Candida is also making me step my water game up, aiming for 4L a day!

What are your 2018 resolutions? Would love to hear. If you are wanting accountability on staying with your game plan/fitness wise- request to join my accountability group here.


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